Why is Feng Shui Important?

Here are 7 top Feng Shui tips for your bedroom.

Your bedroom is your own little, private sanctuary, it is where you go to try and destress from the pressures and demands of modern life. It is important that everything within it from your bed to a throw pillow is aligned perfectly, in order for you to feel comfortable and relaxed in the most important room in your home. This is why you need to follow these 7 Feng Shui tips in order to achieve tranquility and a state of bliss within your boudoir.

Feng Shui tips

Feng Shui tip 1 – Ensure the colours work

The first Feng Shui tip is to make sure that the colours work for you and what you are trying to achieve in your bedroom, which could be to rest and regain energy or somewhere to be productive and do something worthwhile. The colours of your bedroom must resonate positively with you as then you will feel at one with your surroundings, allowing you to be productive and placid. Ensure that the colours do not clash, some colour combinations you might want to try to include are white and silver for a metal look which can help eliminate distractions, creating a sense of calm and clarity. If you have an affinity with nature then green and brown could help get closer to nature as those colours have wood energy, which can bring the energy of vitality and growth.

Feng Shui tip 2 - Declutter

Increasingly more and more people feel stressed out from all the clutter that has somehow been accumulated over the years and is now taking up vital space in their room. People find it very difficult to receive any positive energy with lots of frankly useless clutter in their room, creating a feeling of chaos as you can’t move for the junk surrounding you. As a result more have been opting for a minimalist approach which involves decluttering. To achieve this you have to move all of your unnecessary belongings into a different space, but not a spare room as then that is merely moving the feeling of claustrophobia and negative energy to another part of your home which will leave a niggling feeling in the back of your mind. Moving all of your items into box storage is the perfect solution to this as then you will be able to free up space in your bedroom allowing you to have the freedom to do what you want in your space as well as knowing that your belongings are safe and secure.

Feng Shui tip 3 - Electronics

Another Feng Shui tip is to keep electronics away from your room of relaxation as all we do whether it is for work or pleasure is stare at a screen mindlessly scrolling through our feeds and typing frantically to try and finish off that document that was due yesterday. The TV, computer and other electronic devices create high EMF pollution which some say may be damaging for your health. They also have connotations of work, stress and noise that bring about negative energy which is not what you want so by eliminating them from your room you will create a more stress-free environment. The electronic devices also keep people up half the night for no good reason as they watch random videos on YouTube for no apparent reason or doing a quiz to find out which root vegetable they are, consequently they end fatigued and go into work or school tired, lackadaisical and unproductive because they wanted to find out they’re a carrot.

Feng Shui tips

Feng Shui tip 4 - Lighting

Light is important as you need to be getting as much as possible as light influences the energy in our home, both natural and artificial so you must make sure you have plenty of it in your bedroom to ensure you receive the positive energies that you require. If there is a deficiency in natural light within your room then move whatever is hindering the sunlight from coming in, open up a window and let your room be filled with sunlight. Creating light by using artificial light is another method open to you, you can use candles to create a warm light in your room as well as being quite pretty. Candles can create a homely and intimate atmosphere that you will certainly benefit from but ensure that you are using toxin-free candles.

Feng Shui tip 5 – Your bed

This Feng Shui tip is one you must adhere to in order to create your ideal environment, your bed is what you probably hold most dear in your room so you have to make sure that it is perfectly placed and everything around it is too. Experts recommend having your bed in the area further from your door diagonally but not line with it, in laymen’s terms you want to be able to see your door from your bed but not be aligned with the door. Another thing that they recommend is to have two bedside tables on either side and keep any clutter off of it, only use them to have what you need such as a glass of water or have a bedside lamp there. The type of headboard you have is also important, you want a sturdy headboard that enables you to feel safe and secure.

Feng Shui tip 6 - Art

Art in the bedroom is a key feature as the art you choose to display is a medium which you can express your individuality and taste. Choose the images that are related to emotions of love, happiness and intimacy to bring happy energies since most of us enjoy being happy, but if you enjoy being melancholic then use sad and lonely images to make you happy. Wherever you do decide to hang your artwork just do not hang anything above your headboard, there will always be the fear it may fall on top of you during the night no matter how secure it is.

Feng Shui tip 7 – One step at a time

The final Feng Shui tip is to approach Feng Shui in a practical and logical method to create the perfect environment for you to do what you want in your room. It doesn’t matter if some things cannot be achieved for whatever reason, if you are able to follow some of the Feng Shui tips you will be better off than before and can always make changes as you grow and change. Start your Feng Shui journey with a storage company for all of the stuff you don't need.