Let’s be honest, at one time or another, we have all looked up to the heavens and cried “Please, just give me some space”. Whether it is personal, or physical, space is a rare commodity these days. With population figures soaring, we increasingly find ourselves fighting over that precious place where we can relax and set our minds free.

For some, this may be a scenic spot in the local park. For others, this could be locking yourself in the bathroom for five minutes, whilst listening to the sound of children through the door asking “Where’s Mummy?” Whatever works for you, we’re not here to judge. Box Storage, could be the answer to your prayers. The experts at creating space, our customers come to us to find a solution to their problems, and leave with complete spatial zen. A tidy home makes for a tidy mind after all.

So, who is on the look-out for a box storage company?

People renting in London

The capital has long been a hotspot for rising rental prices. Many a person has come to London in the hope of achieving their dreams. However, once they arrive, they soon discover their budget will only stretch to a single bedroom - the type of room that wouldn’t look out of place in the ‘Young Ones’ residence. Londoners also have a reputation for moving around the capital - eternally seeking that new trendy area to call their home. These urban nomads travel light. There is no room for life’s necessities when you are this cool. And there is certainly no room at the rented accommodation they share with five other people, and the house cat called Bob. So, where do they keep their stuff? With Access Box Storage you can carefully select thohttps://www.boxstorageforme.com/se precious items you want to keep out of the reaches of Bob, and his pesky claws. No longer will items go missing as you move from one cool spot to the next. Simply request a box, or two, from us today and we can collect your prized belongings at a time that is convenient for you. We can then hold them securely until you want them returned. After all, you might want to leave the big smoke one day.


You may not believe it, but summer is coming. And when it arrives, you’ll have to decide whether or not you will be backpacking across Europe, or hopping from festival to festival for the next few months. Oh, how we envy you. Either way, you are unlikely to be taking the new microwave your parents brought you for your first year in halls. Or, perhaps you will? Who are we to question the love between a microwave and its owner?

However, should you decide your microwave is best suited to a safe and secure environment, rather than sitting beside you in a field whilst you listen to Coldplay, we have the perfect home for it. Stored safely at our CCTV monitored facility, your microwave can enjoy its own summer holiday with the rest of the appliances our customers have entrusted us with.

If you're searching for student storage, no other company understands the importance of keeping the things you love safe and sound until you want to be reunited with them again. P.S. We hope you realise we were only joking about taking your microwave along to a festival – we realise no microwave would be seen dead at a Coldplay gig.

Collectors, hoarders and people with lashings and lashings of memorabilia

There is a thin line between a “collector” and a “hoarder”. If you consider yourself to be a “collector”, we suspect your partner may think you belong in the other category. And, if you have found yourself victim to a mysterious “tidy-up” incident, we can almost guarantee it. However, we appreciate the hard work that goes into building a serious collection: the laborious hours trawling through eBay searching for that limited edition version, and fighting a stranger at your local car boot sale for that one piece you’ve been looking for your entire life. So, when you’re running out of space at home, and you just can’t hide anymore from your partner in the shed at the bottom of the garden, where do you go from here? A box storage company is the simple answer. Carefully package your prized collection into one of our heavy-duty boxes (don’t be shy on the bubble wrap, we can provide this too), and we can collect it from you and safely store it away from those “tidy-up” incidents.

Wardrobe hoggers and fashionistas

If you are in a relationship, we can appreciate the wardrobe wars you have to endure just to get a spot for those new fancy trousers you brought last week. The general rule is you have half of the wardrobe each. So, why are you continually finding pyjamas and bras in your sock drawer? Someone’s not playing by the rules here! Similarly, if you consider yourself to be a bit of a fashionista - there is not a wardrobe in the land that can cater for your dazzling collection of trendy tit-bits. It just can’t be done. Wellies and bikinis in the same space? What is this madness? Not even the hippest of hipsters could pull that look off. This is where a box storage company comes to the rescue. Separate those bikinis from your wellies. Give them pride of place they deserve in your wardrobe. During the summer, simply pack those wellies into one of our boxes and give them a safe home until you need them again. So when those drizzly months come rolling back in, request them back from us, and give them the opportunity to shine once more. Or, you could try your hand at setting that new welly-bikini look. Good luck with that one.

New Year’s resolution-makers

It’s a new year, it’s a new me. The common mantra we all hear muttered over the festive season. So, January 1st kicks in, along with our over abundant enthusiasm to turn over a new leaf: “This year I will lose that Christmas weight”, “I will get that six pack back” and “ I will run the London Marathon this year”. Easy now, let’s not get too carried away. Whatever your goals, you need that essential sporting equipment to help you get there - obviously. The more money you spend, the more committed you are to a new year’s resolution - right? However, inevitably, we all know what happens next. Months later we start to get annoyed at having to move the rowing machine in the spare bedroom just to get to the cupboard. Or, worse still, the rowing machine is banished into exile at the back of the garage. If only people would realise, a rowing machine is for life, not just for Christmas. Being the caring individual that you are, you cannot stand to part company with this precious machinery. After all, you did go through those arduous months of pain and suffering together. How callous would you be to say goodbye now? And you know the two of you will dance that merry dance of exercise once again. You’re just not sure when though? Rest assured, there is a solution. Even though we are a box storage company, we do not just store boxes. We can cater for items from all walks of life. To see how we can help with the larger objects you have in your home, please start the process here and within a few simple clicks you will see a list of larger items you can store with us. We know you may not want to say goodbye forever to some of your possessions, so let us keep them safe and secure for you until you feel ready to take on the burn again. All in all, there are a multitude of reasons for using a box storage company. However, reclaiming the space back in your life has to be the underlying motive. So, enter your postcode and get started today.  Spatial zen is just a click away.