Shoes, glorious shoes,
High heels and sling backs,
It’s tricky to choose,
Who says we should cut back?
Pumps, sandals and stilettos,
Just where is the limit?
We just want to have them all,
For our new outfit!
Magical shoes,
Wonderful shoes,
Marvellous shoes,
Beautiful shoes,
Shoes, glorious shoes

storage for shoes

The wonder of shoes

Shoes, the reason God created feet and credit cards. The one item that can finish off your outfit, and your bank balance. So, where does this quasi – obsession come from? What makes us go cuckoo over a pair of Jimmy Choo’s?

For most, the shoe represents the pinnacle of the retail therapy experience; the Everest of the shopping aisle. Every time you try a new pair on it’s like riding the dopamine express to shoe heaven. And, unlike other general purchases, where pleasure quickly subsides to guilt after you’ve had to pay for the item, shoes are deemed to be a practical buy (something we can wear multiple times a week) so we hold on to that warm fuzzy feeling for longer. There is also the concept of shoes as a collector’s item – for those of you preparing your excuses for your partner. You may not be able to afford those limited edition Louboutins, but you certainly take pride in the collection of high heels you have currently dominating your partner’s wardrobe space. Don’t worry, it’s justified: who else would you trust with your loved ones? This is what we call ‘delegated’ storage for shoes – he should be honoured!

Whether you’re a serious collector, or just a die–hard shoeaholic, the chances are your home is riddled with them – like a child under an avalanche of sweets after a successful Halloween haul. So, we have some advice to help you make the most of your prized loved ones, and to provide the ultimate answers to your storage for shoes questions.

Know your shoes

First things first, round up all of your shoes – it’s time to organise. At this point, you may even realise that you have pairs you no longer wish to keep. We seriously doubt this, but it’s something we are obliged to note. Next, split them into two categories:

• Day-to-day shoes
• Those shoes that only get to see the light of day on special occasions

For the latter, you should re-home in a safe place at the top of your wardrobe – somewhere that is both out of reach, and out of sight. For those shoes you wear more frequently, you now need to sort these into piles depending on the reason of use. For example: work shoes, comfy shoes and shoes to strut your stuff in and paint the town red. These shoes need to be easily accessible, packaged nicely somewhere near your front door. That way, you’ll always know where they are when you’re rushing out of the door.

Do you need separate storage for your shoes?

Now that you have all of your shoes nicely arranged, the chances are you will need new homes for them all to live in. If your wardrobe is already full to the brim – as any self -respecting shoeaholic’s wardrobe should be – it is time for you to invest in more storage for your shoes. Think of it as an investment: if you can prolong the life of any pair of shoes, it is always money well spent.

Please, keep those shoes off the floor!

Let’s be honest, you’ve just returned from a long day at work, your feet are aching and you just want to get through the front door and put your feet up – what happens to your shoes? Yes, that’s right, on the floor they go. Sacrilege! We all do it though. This is one of the worst things you could do to your babies. Ultimately, they end up in a dirty pile, a complete mishmash of unloved shoes. This makes it almost impossible to find a pair when you need them, and over time will damage your shoes as they continually get knocked about. There are alternative storage options for shoes, so please do not take this one. It is things like this that keeps us up at night.

Put your shoes in the spotlight

Each pair of your shoes is special; we don’t need to tell you that. So, why must we keep them hidden? Also, when it comes to finding the right pair for your outfit, why should you run the mission impossible gauntlet every time to try and locate them? Answer: transparent storage. This is the best storage for shoes: it keeps them contained and protected, and you can see what you’re looking at. All storage bins, boxes and organisers can be bought with a see through option – we strongly advise you to seek these out. However, if you already have copious amounts of old discarded shoe boxes kicking about, why not get creative? Simply attach a picture of your shoes on the outside of the box, and you have the perfect label.

Flats, sandals and slip-ons – your accommodating friends

These are the most accommodating of shoes: they don’t take up too much space, and they are always prepared to bend a little for you. How thoughtful. Utilise this: there are great shoe organisers on the market that can hang on the back of any door. Each slot can house one pair of shoes, giving you maximum storage for shoes in the smallest of spaces.

Boots, stand to attention please

Boots do have that annoying habit of flopping over like a rabbit’s ear. No matter how carefully you seem to prop them up, as soon as your back’s turned they always seem to go full flop. Not only does this mean they are taking up more valuable space, it also results in your boots losing their shape over time. Rest assured, there is a solution. Boot shapers are readily available to resolve this issue. However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, why not simply use a rolled up newspaper or magazine? Plastic bottles are also a viable option, which also comes with an eco – friendly benefit.

Trainers – because we know it’s not all about shoes

While they may be the poor relation to the glamorous world of shoes, trainers should not be forgotten. While this post is primarily focussing on the best storage for shoes, we appreciate that to some your limited edition Nike Dunk’s have as much pride of place as any other footwear you may own. Trainers are far more robust than your average shoe.

Meaning, you don’t need to be as selective and careful when storing them. A good option is to use either a basket or cubbie, as they are still protected and easily accessible. The main issue when owning a pair of trainers is the unfortunate accompanying odour.

Yes, everybody’s feet can smell. To rid your trainers of any nasty niffs, try this little secret out: Simply sprinkle bicarbonate of soda into your shoes, leave them overnight, and empty in the morning. Your trainers will now be safe for anybody’s nose! Also, if you don’t have any baking soda to hand, you can achieve the same results with cat litter. Yes, cat litter! Try it!

No space at home? Storage for shoes just got easier

We hope that this guide has been of help to you. However, what if you have no space at home? What if your shoe collection is so large, the house hasn’t been built yet that’ll take on the job? This is where Box Storage comes in.

We offer effortless storage for shoes. All you have to do is go online today and order boxes to be delivered to your front door. Our boxes are completely free, sturdy and perfect for protecting your loved ones. Once you receive our boxes, carefully pack your shoes into them and tell us when you want them to be collected.

We will return once more to your front door and transport your precious shoes back to our secure storage facility. Then, when you want them back, just let us know and we’ll deliver them straight back to you. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Start storing!