What is storage with collection?

Box storage with collection is the most simple and efficient method of storing your belongings. It provides you with a hassle-free service that lets you put your feet up whilst we do the leg work. Storage is made easy if you use storage with collection, as it enables you, the customer to have the option of making your storage experience straight forward. Storage with collection means we provide you with the materials (boxes) necessary to store your belongings, free-of-charge we come and pick up the items store them in our secure facilities, then return your boxes to you.

Storage with collection

Moving Home

A problem that faces many people moving home is getting every last thing you own packed up and transported, you will likely find things you have not seen for years but you now need to deal with transporting to your new abode. The solution to this is home mover storage with collection, this will negate the need to try and sell or throw away your items there and then, giving you time to decide what to do, and allowing you to focus on the big move.

Why you should opt for storage with collection?

This service provides you with a streamlined storage option, it means you do not have to heave all your property down to your nearest storage facility, which brings up issues such as transport. With storage with collection this is all taken care of with our collection service. We are all busy with the pressures and demands of modern life, rarely finding the time to do anything but work, and this option gives you peace of mind, allowing you to carry on with your day whilst knowing your belongings are being safely transported and stored securely.

Student summer storage solution

If you are a student looking for storage because you're going back home for the summer, you do not want to take everything with you and fill up the spare room, it takes time and effort to pack up your room…With storage with collection, the service allows you to store your belongings safely and securely, allowing you to enjoy your well-earned summer break. When the new university or college year begins you can then arrange to have all of your things brought back to you making the whole process smooth-sailing.

Why is storage with collection the best method of self-storage?

Compared to self-storage there is a stark contrast-storage with collection is a more efficient and easy method of storing your items. Storage with collection is a flexible method of storing your items especially when compared to self-storage carried out by yourself, as that can be a long and arduous task that may put you off self-storage in the future.


Renovating brings about storage issues so by choosing storage with collection you will be given a service that is no sweat (as we do the sweating for you), is a simple process that allows you to save time, money and space. You will not have random items cluttering up your spare room and if you do not possess any other free space then this is the ideal fix to your storage problem.

Baby on the way

If you have a baby on the way then you may be facing nearly all of the aforementioned problems, you will need to renovate a room for the baby and may even be moving home to get that extra room. Storage with collection in that case could be your saviour, you will be able to work on the baby’s room whilst your stuff is tucked away safely in our secure storage facility, awaiting the big day.

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