Battersea Park

Opened in 1858 by Queen Victoria, Battersea Park has things that other parks in London cannot offer such as a view of the Thames, an art gallery (The Pump House) and a zoo. The views of the Thames are certainly enough to attract many visitors as they can enjoy a day at the park then watch boats go past. The Pump House gallery is situated at one of the lakes within the park that allows visitors to engage and view contemporary art which may be of interest to some. The zoo within the park is Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, it houses mainly small animals such as otters, Capuchin and chinchillas and there is also an interactive area so the children can get involved.

Things to do in Battersea

You can also hire out a pedalo and go down the boating lake taking in the views, there is also space for sporting activities such as football. There are lots of things to do in Battersea Park from viewing contemporary art to having a look around the zoo and seeing all the different animals.

Battersea Arts Centre

Another one of the things to do in Battersea is to pay a visit to the Battersea Arts Centre, which is located within the old Battersea Town Hall and is known for hosting experimental shows and allows visitors to watch early versions of shows and give feedback which they call Scratch. They welcome over 100,000 people every year and work with 400 artists to put on 650 performances and 12 shows a year so there is plenty going on.

The centre is open all day which makes it convenient for the public to come in and explore, there is also an indoor play space that lets children and adults play together. There is also a bar where you can get a pint after a show and talk about the show, enjoying the convivial atmosphere, there are things to do for everyone, from adults to children.

Things to do in Battersea

Battersea High Street Food Market

There are a lot of things to do in Battersea for foodies one of them being the high street food market. Situated at the cross road between Battersea Park Road and Falcon Road, Battersea High Street Food Market is perfect for whether you are craving a snack or wanting to plan a big dinner for the weekend.

There is a range of foodstuff on offer. Foodies will love the fruit and vegetable section, selection of baked goods along with dairy products and the meat and poultry section. If you are looking for a quick bite then the variety of street food will tempt you into trying something new so if you are free and fancy some food then the Battersea High Street Food Market is for you.

Battersea Car Boot Sale

London has a great history of second-hand shops in all parts of the city with hidden gems spread across them and a car boot sale is just the next step. One of the other things to do in Battersea is to spend some time at the Battersea car boot sale, established in 1999 it is situated in a local school playground making it easy to find. It can be quite busy at times but with queue waiting times of 10 minutes or less.

With ever changing sellers you can be sure to have a wide range of items for you to browse through and purchase, with quality goods, designer goods, vintage and more so there’s plenty to choose from.

Things to do in Battersea

The Magic Garden

The Magic Garden is a pub and restaurant that is located near Battersea Park so after you’ve tired yourself out feeding the ducks and going down the boating lake leisurely on a pedalo you can pop in for a well-earned pint to relax and unwind after a long day of relaxing.

The Magic Garden has been described as a ‘festival pub’ as at weekends it plays host to big festival bands and DJs from across the London scene. You would think with the word ‘garden’ in the name they would have a pretty nice garden and you will not be disappointed as they have a stunning garden that you can socialise in, which is also available for hire for birthdays and other events.

On Sundays they have “The Cure” which is free blues gigs, traditional Sunday roasts, board games and Bloody Marys. A weekend at The Magic Garden would certainly be memorable and during the week there is a mellower vibe, as you can enjoy a cappuccino and a newspaper out back in the garden or work inside comfortably in their vintage armchairs. They also host free gigs on Wednesday and Thursday evenings that showcase local and international artists that play a diverse range of music such as Jazz, blues and world so there are lots of things to do.

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