Storing in London can be difficult as space is a lucrative commodity as high rents are charged for the smallest of spaces and as we live in a consumerist society where we are so often spending on our credit cards not realising that every purchase takes up more and more space in our homes.

Students also face storage problems as they can either be coming home at the end of a tiring term or year or perhaps just graduated and may not have their own place yet which means there is a lack of storage space. There is a need for storage space here are some options open to you.

Storing in London



One of the options for storing in London is self-storage, the traditional method of storing your belongings and one of the most popular options for storage. If you are a student at the end of another exhausting school year, then you will be looking to move your things closer to home. If you do decide to go down the self-storage route, then you would have to transport all of your things to the storage facility nearest to your home.

A storage unit is like a temporary home for your possessions, size-wise they range from a locker to a football pitch. The prices are dependent on the size of the unit rented so getting this right is key as you do not want to be spending on space you are not using. Security-wise they are monitored 24hrs by CCTV, you will be the only person to have the key to your unit and the unit will be alarmed. After you have filled up your unit you are free to come and go as you like.

Now, this can be quite a long and costly endeavour when put into perspective as you will have to box up all your belongings then either hire a removal company or hire a van and transport your things yourself. After arriving at the storage facility, you will then have to fill out paperwork, before being allowed to put your belongings into storage. It may be the traditional method of storing your belongings but there are other options out there that may suit you better.

Storage at home

This is the option most people opt for as they will have accumulated many things over the years and will have filled up their garage, loft or cellar, or whatever spare space they have. It is free as it is your home so you will be able to store your belongings in whichever space you have available for storage.

This is the option for those who have an abundance of space (not many of us) in their home but for the rest of us, this really is not a viable option for storing in London. You may not want to be piling up your belongings in your spare room, as you may need the room for another purpose but have nowhere else to store your belongings.

Storing in London


Box storage with collection

Box storage with a collection is the most efficient way of storing your belongings as it takes away all the stress of having to transport your things to a storage facility and saves valuable space in your home. By using storage with the collection, it provides you with a straightforward service that takes the bother out of storing your belongings.

With door to door storage all you have to do is box up your items then your things are taken to a secure storage facility where there is 24hr CCTV and fenced perimeter, giving peace of mind that your belongings are as safe as possible. When you want your things back then we will deliver them back to you on a day that suits you for your convenience.

Storing in London does not have to be difficult; Access Box Storage provides a smart and simple storage solution. Start your Box Storage journey!

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