The year 2020. isn't a year anybody will remember by their backpacking through Europe adventures or business trips. It will be remembered, though, by bad DIY haircuts and home improvements.

Given that travel has been put to a halt, you may likely find your suitcases and duffle bags collecting dust.

If you live in a small apartment, finding where to store suitcases might be, at least, freeing yourself from the painful reminder of how you can't go anywhere.

Also, having some creative ideas on how to use your suitcases can free some space.

5 storage ideas for your suitcases

  1. Under the Bed or Couch
    The area under your bed or couch is a hidden but golden storage spot that you can use to store virtually anything. If they are high enough, you will likely be able to squeeze in your suitcase or travel bags under your bed or couch, and you are good to go!
  2. In the closet
    Another common option is to store your suitcase inside the closet. More specifically, try to see if you have any dead space there. The top area is often left untouched or unused since it is too high to reach and thus impractical for clothes and accessories. However, for suitcases, you only use them occasionally, so placing them in that area will be perfect for times when they are not in use.
  3. Behind the curtain
    The area behind the curtain is one of the most overlooked spaces, but another hidden spot where you can tuck in your luggage.
  4. On a hook on the wall
    If you have free space in your wall, especially in the higher part of your wall, you can install a peg or hook and hang your suitcase up there. It can be easy to get caught up thinking about where to store suitcases that you forget that you can utilize wall space.
  5. Behind furniture
    Similar to the area behind the curtain, you can also make some space behind furniture pieces for your suitcase. You never know, there could be tons of hidden space that are left unused in those areas.

Use your suitcase as a storage unit

If you're still pondering about where to store suitcases in your small apartment, why not start by storing some items inside the suitcase itself? This way, you can empty some of your belongings and have more space to keep your actual luggage.

Using suitcase as storage
You can always use the suitcase to store your seasonal clothing
  • Tuck away seasonal clothing
    Your suitcase is the perfect place to store seasonal clothing. After all, you will most likely not be wearing clothes for a different season at a particular time, so placing them in your luggage can be a huge space-saver.
  • Store extra bedding
    Bedding can be quite bulky and thick, so storing them in your cabinets can take up much space. By placing extra bedding in your suitcase, you can free up tons of space and instead use the space that was initially for your bedding to keep your luggage.
  • Keep anything you don't need
    Generally, your suitcase serves as a storage unit in itself, so you can use it to store anything that you are not currently using.

If you still don't find any space for your suitcases and travel bags, you can always put it in temporary box storage. We can help you out, as we can pick them up at your front door and deliver them back once you start travelling.