Business Storage Made Easy

Save 20% on your business box delivery, collection and storage price by storing for 12 months

Why businesses need box storage

Running a small business or shop can have its challenges especially when it comes to storing stock, paperwork or parts. Where can you put your seasonal stock without taking up valuable shop floor space? Is your office the best place to safely store those paper records? If you need a secure service that collects and stores your stock, paperwork or parts until you need them back, then box storage may just be the right solution for you..

How we can help you

At Access Box Storage we will collect and safely store your home moving boxes and items. Our boxes are free (current special offer), and our couriers will collect & return the items for you. When you need your stock, paperwork or parts back just let us know and we’ll deliver them to you.

Reasons businesses choose us

  • Free storage boxes (current special offer)
  • Free courier collection
  • We come to your workplace
  • We store boxes and larger items that don’t fit in a box
  • Packaging can be bought from us
  • Secure storage with 24x7 CCTV
  • We will deliver your items back when you need them
  • We can deliver back one or many boxes
  • We service businesses in London

We’re more than box storage

Access is one of the UK's largest and fastest growing self storage companies. We’re proud of the expert and friendly service we’ve been delivering businesses for the past 20 years.

If we don’t offer box storage in your area, then we have 57 stores around the country who can offer great storage deals for businesses.

We also offer business services like rented office space, mailboxes and records management services.