Handbags can indeed be a woman’s best friend, acting as the perfect complement to any outfit and the ultimate place to keep personal belongings.

Truly, you can never go wrong with having too many bags. The problem is that there's not much space for all of them. You must get creative with handbag storage ideas.

It can be fun to switch around your handbags on separate occasions, but without proper organisers, you may find yourself leaving them on the table or stuffing all your bags in a cabinet after using them.

If you have a situation like this on the image, you really need some handbag storage ideas.

Fortunately, there are tons of creative and easy ways in which you can organise your handbags. From bag racks to door-mounted hooks and shelves, here are five fun and creative ideas for you to store your handbags properly.

Handbag storage ideas you can recreate tomorrow

#1 Cabinet with shelves

For the true handbag lovers and collectors, dedicating a separate space solely for storing bags is certainly worth the effort. You can think of it as a second closet, but designed for your handbags, so add in some shelves and drawers to store your collection.

You can play around with the design and go for straight shelves or add partitions to separate each bag.
Whatever design you choose, make sure to allocate enough space to store each of your handbags. 

#2 Wall-mounted shelves

No space to add a separate cabinet for your bags? If so, you can achieve the same storage space by mounting some shelves to your wall and arranging your handbags as you see fit.

Try tilting the bags at a slight angle, so you can fit more into each shelf. Likewise, avoid overcrowding the bags, so you can also display your collection in your room!

#3 Display Shelves

If you want to showcase your handbags while keeping them tidy and organised, you can get or build a shelf with compartments to place your bags in.
Having the compartments allows you to separate each bag from one another, so you can preserve their condition and maintain their quality. 

#4 Hanging hooks

If you're struggling to make space to build a cabinet or some shelves for your bags, you can always make use of the space you already have in your closet.
Use hanging hooks and place them on your closet rod to hang your bags in an organised way. With this storage idea, you can easily grab your desired bag after picking your outfit of the day, effectively saving you time.

Alternatively, if your closet is too full and can no longer accommodate space for your handbags, you can mount a hanging rack to an empty space in your wall.

The rack essentially acts like a closet road, where you can place hooks to hang your bags. To save space, you can also place two bags in one hook, provided that your rack and hooks are strong enough and the two bags are of different lengths. 

#5 Hanging hooks over-the-door bag rack

Another great space-saving idea to organise your handbags is to opt for vertical storage. Your door can be the perfect place to do this. Mount an over-the-door bag rack or organiser to your door, so you can easily get your desired handbag before leaving and hang it back right after use. As a bonus, placing a bag rack on your door can serve as a beautiful display of your handbag collection, which can add personality to your room. 

Do you have tons of handbags but struggle to organise them? If so, try out one or more of the five ideas mentioned above.

When you have too many of them and you're still not ready to give them away, you can move them to storage. Just box them and we will pick them up - it's easy, check out how it works.