Home Moving and Storage Services in London

Store with us for £6.90 per box per month. Home movers who store longer can save up to 20%

If you’re looking for cheap box storage in London, Access Box Storage can help you out with short-term storage.

Hassle-free quality storage solutions for moving house

Moving house is one of the most stressful life events: a lot can go wrong when you’re moving from one place to another. But who said that moving house has to undermine your wellbeing? 

We can help you with temporary storage between moves or when you’re renovating. You don’t need to rent a private garage or exhaust yourself by trying to pack up, move out and relocate your belongings in just one day. How? Just box everything you don’t need and use our moving house storage service in London.

How does this moving house storage service work?

If you’re moving house and are in need of some storage space, type in your postcode into Access Box Storage’s search bar to check that you are located within our London area. Then, select how many boxes you need to store your items and how long you need them for. Once you’ve moved into your new home and are ready for your items to be returned to you, we’ll deliver them to your new address.

The price? 1-5 months of storage costs £6.90 per box per month: for this quality of service, it can’t get any cheaper. Pay upfront and store for 6 months to get a 10% discount, 9 months for 15% and 12 months for 20% discount off the standard storage price for boxes and other larger items.

If you’re still in doubt, find more details about how it works or visit our FAQ page

4 Easy Steps to Moving House Storage

If you’re in need of storing services whilst moving home, simply type in your postcode in our search bar to check whether you’re within our London area. Then, select how many boxes you need to store your home contents and for how long.

1. Pack All Your Stuff To Move House!
Make sure you’ve ordered enough storage boxes from us, so you can pack up all of your belongings with ease. We recommend using bubble wrap and strong packing tape to secure your items and box.

2. We’ll Collect All Your Items For Your New Home
Select your preferred collection day and we’ll give you a 4-hour collection slot for that date. When our courier team arrives, hand over your labelled boxes and larger items, and they’ll transport it all to our secure storage facility in London.

3. We store
After you’ve chosen our moving house storage services, there’s no need to worry about your belongings until you need them back. Our team of experts have 20 years of experience and the safety of your items is our top priority. Your possessions are kept safe in our purpose-built London storage facility, which is monitored 24/7 with CCTV and is secured by a fenced perimeter and fire detection systems.

4. We return
When you move into your new home and are settled, simply log into your online account and book a return date for your items. We charge a flat fee of £29.00 per return order to deliver your boxes straight to your new home. No need to worry about space, transportation or losing anything - all you need to do now is unpack!

Kinds Of Items We Store For Moving House

It’s widely known how overwhelming moving home can be. The good news? With the right storage solutions, it can be a lot smoother. Select what you won’t be using before your move and start packing those items into boxes. Prioritising items that are stored in basements or guest rooms, seasonal items you don’t need all-year-round or photo albums is a smart move. Early planning of your packing and storing will help you save time and space.

Why You Need Moving House Storage

Storage boxes make any moving house run smoothly. It allows you to have a more gradual, flexible approach. Who said that something as complex as moving house needs to be done in one day? With our busy lives, we need to make sure we’re not wasting time and energy.

Here’s why you need storage when you move house:

  • You want to start moving items you won’t need on a day to day basis, making the day of the moving (and those following) less overwhelming
  • You want to make sure all items are well taken care of by moving them gradually, keeping everything under control
  • You’re redecorating your home and need to empty rooms or portions of your house
  • You have limited time available, whether for administrative or practical reasons and need an effective process of moving house

Why choose Access Box Storage when moving house?

Access Box Storage is the perfect choice when you’re moving house or you’re redecorating it. It allows you to rely on an efficient and trusted service, flexible and tailored to your belongings and your needs. 

It’s an affordable option that will allow you to save money when you need extra space. Whether it’s for just a month, several months or over a year, there’s no need to stress: we got you covered.

More reasons home movers choose us:

  • Free storage boxes (current special offer)
  • Free courier collection
  • Collection of the packed boxes at your doorstep
  • We store boxes and larger items that don’t fit in a box
  • A special price for storing larger items that don’t fit in a box
  • Secure storage with 24/7 CCTV
  • Your items returned back to any London address when you need them
  • Order your packaging at the same time as your service

We’re more than box storage

Access is one of the UK's largest and fastest growing self storage companies. We’re proud of the expert and friendly service we’ve been delivering home movers for the past 20 years.

If we don’t offer box storage in your area, then we have 60 Access Self Storage stores around the country who can offer great storage deals for home movers. Type your postcode in the box below to find your nearest store.

Other than home moving and storage services, we also offer storage for students and commercial storage services in London.